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We can only welcome the conclusion of this work with the latest Quintennium regulation, which has just been completed. This reform gives us a law on bond issues that is modern and flexible for financing businesses and local authorities. The French law on bond issues has finally been modernized, with a simplification of the regulatory framework (1st), the “cleaning” of the provisions of the French code of trade with regard to mass (2nd) and the anchoring of the possibility for the issuer and bondholders to organise their relations on a strictly contractual basis (3rd). This small revolution, created by Ordinance No. 2017-970 of May 10, 2017 to improve the development of bond issues, is welcome, because the current system, inherited mainly from a 1935 decree, required a thorough revision. November 29, 2018: Green OAT: first impact report on the Energy Transition Tax Credit of November 27, 2018. November 2020: Council report on the impact assessment on subsidies to the French Forestry Office, download 11 December 2017: membership of the OAT Evaluation Council is announced and the Council will hold its first meeting on 08 September 2017:Euromoney/GlobalCapital awards three prizes to AFT for the introduction of the Green OAT. . Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus.

June 20, 2018: Release of the 2017 Green OAT Allocations and Achievements Report Funds raised are treated as funds from a traditional OAT and managed in accordance with the general budget rule. However, they are adjusted to an equivalent amount of eligible green expenditures and the sum of these expenditures in a given year sets the green OAT emission limit. November 27, 2020: Green OAT: publication of the third impact analysis report on public subsidies and the National Foreclosure Office . January 24, 2019: Green OAT: Announcement of eligible green spending for 2019 France`s Green OAT funds central government budget spending under the “Invest for the Future” programme to combat climate change, adapt to climate change, protect biodiversity and fight pollution.

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