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The data sharing plan is Grantee`s assurance that the dissemination of all data collected under the CDC data-sharing agreement will be made public as follows: grants and cooperation agreements offer the opportunity to transfer money, technical assistance and expertise to partners in exchange for their contributions to the Confederation`s public health objectives and objectives. “Subsidy mechanisms” are concepts that collectively relate to grants and cooperation agreements, although they have different meanings. The CDC provides financial assistance in the form of grants if, for the duration of the grant, there is no proven need for substantial representation of agencies that go beyond normal monitoring and monitoring activities. CDC provides financial support in the form of cooperation agreements when the CDC expects significant participation beyond normal monitoring and monitoring activities. Specific activities are listed in the Funding Opportunity Communication (NOFO). Applicants should be aware of restrictions on the use of HHS funds for lobbying federal or regional legislators. Under U.S..C. Section 1352, recipients (and their subcontractors) are prohibited from using federal funds (except for the benefits of a federal contract) for a lobbying convention or federal agency in the awarding of a contract, grant, co-operative contract or loan. These include grants/cooperation agreements that include, in whole or in part, conferences for which federal funds cannot be used directly or indirectly to encourage participants to lobby or teach participants how to lobby. Before or immediately after the grant or cooperation agreement is awarded, an on-site assessment of the financial management capabilities of a candidate organization may be required. Independent audit statements from a certified public accountant (CPA) for the previous two years may also be required. Under the Documentwork Reduction Act, projects involving the collection of information from 10 or more people and funded by a grant or cooperation agreement are reviewed and approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Recipients of CDC grants and cooperation agreements must ensure that CDC funds are not used to influence or promote pending legislation. With respect to conferences, public events, publications and “popular” activities related to specific legislation, recipients of CDC funds should pay close attention to the isolation and separation of appropriate use of CDC funds from non-CDC funds. CDC also cautions CDC fund recipients not to give the impression that CDC funds are being used to conduct activities in a manner prohibited by federal law. The benefits of a chartered accountant by the National Accounting Office or the corresponding accountant must be maintained throughout the project as members of the recipient`s staff or as advisors to the recipient`s accounting staff. These services may include the design, implementation and maintenance of an accounting system that would account for the revenues and expenditures of federal funds in accordance with accounting standards, federal rules and the terms of the cooperation agreement or grant.

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