Franchise Agreement In Sentence

30 Pressure for parliamentary reform, with a redistribution of seats and an expansion of the electoral law, has begun to develop. 24 It was decided that all men in the armed forces should qualify for the franchise. Encyclopedia Articles on Franchise 3 Talk to other franchise owners and ask them what they think of the parent company. 25 The Commission found that the company was comfortable and instead passed the franchise on to its competitors. 29 Reforms of local authorities after 1888 introduced new authorities with a franchise almost identical to urban districts. 18 The California Department of Transportation has negotiated franchise agreements with four private consortiums to build toll highways. 12 The ITV licensee has lost his franchise to Carlton TV. 6 The Reform Act of 1867 extended the franchise to a large part of the male working class. In addition, through Verizon`s cable franchise agreement with New York City, Verizon requires Verizon to provide cable television to residents of its franchise territory who request it, and Verizon has a limited time limit for that. 13 women did not obtain the franchise in the UK until the 20th century.

5 The minimum funding for a pizza franchise is estimated to be between $250,000 and $315,000. 26 Margret Rey, who had control of the huge franchise (, died shortly before Christmas at the age of 90. 21 You can launch a fast food franchise for a relatively modest effort. 11 The diving school has acquired a franchise of diving equipment. English Learning Language Definition of the franchise (entry 2 of 2) 7 He had to exercise the franchise on behalf of other Board members. 27 There are many precedents for spectrum charges and cable deductible taxes for public telecommunications purposes. 17 The Seahawks have been a normal franchise ever since. 8 In 1918, the Suffragists won the franchise for British women over the age of 29. 28 He was very pleased with the seven sales the children had, which is only one more than their franchise dip. 20 The deductible was then extended to persons over the age of 18. 23 She is looking for a 60-year franchise that could be terminated by the government 10 years apart.

4 Restoration in schools is managed on a franchise basis. 16 The franchise consists of more than 3,000 branches across the country. 15 The company has just won a television franchise. 1 After World War II, the franchise was extended to all adults over the age of 18. 19 The government instructs the franchisee to provide all necessary electricity to all users of the franchise territory. 2 During the reorganization, Southern Television lost its franchise. . The franchise agreement provides for three types of revenue that the company can generate.

The specific investment risks arise from the specific objective for which the company is incorporated, namely the management of a branch of the ® bank of Bendigo Bank, pursuant to a franchise agreement with Bendigo Bank. If you have specific legal issues to verizon s rights under the New York law or Verizons Cable Franchise Agreement, we recommend you ask for a lawyer. How a word for “free” extends to voting rights and average English fast-food, Anglo-French, franchisee to free franc, more franchised if, for some reason, the franchise agreement is terminated during the term of the lease or an extension of the lease, BWW has the right, but not the obligation to unilaterally resume the lease contract by written notification of the lessor. Anglo-French, literally, freedom, freedom, from the Middle French, from the franchisee to the free, free French franc 22 franchised transactions seem to give a surprisingly large amount of chance to judge their much better survival rates.

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