No Deal Breaks Good Friday Agreement

There are cases in history where national leaders have been forced to sign contracts. But only Boris Johnson claims to have accidentally signed an international agreement. Last year, the Prime Minister pushed Britain to make a below-average Brexit deal. Events have “accelerated”; Politics is “difficult”; European rules have been smuggled into the fine print. Parliament must therefore pass legislation that does not approve the agreement. To solve the deal, you have to break the agreement. The letter, also signed by Engel`s colleagues Richard Neal and William Keating, as well as Republican Peter King, comes less than a week after Nancy Pelosi said there would be “absolutely no chance” of a U.S.-Britain trade deal if Mr Johnson canceled the Brexit deal with Brussels. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a statement on Monday reiterating his warning that the UK was ready to leave trade talks if a deal was not reached at a European Council on 15 October. But Prime Minister`s spokesman James Slack stressed that the government remains “fully committed” to the withdrawal agreement and that this week`s legislation was aimed at clarifying “ambiguity” and avoiding “unintended consequences” in the complex border agreement. “There is no point in thinking about timetables that go beyond this point. If we can`t agree by then, I don`t see that there will be a free trade agreement between us and we should accept it and continue,” he said.

In the description of the agreement, the Prime Minister has often said false things about tariffs, customs and the requirement for border controls at ports in the Irish Sea. He has a recording in which he describes the reality he wants, not the reality he faces. The EU complained, while accepting assurances from officials and ministers that the Northern Ireland Protocol would be fully complied with, contrary to Johnson`s splendour. House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-California, said Wednesday that if the UK defyed international law and the peace process, Congress` chances of passing a trade deal with the UNITED Kingdom would be nil. U.S. House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said the U.S. Congress would never pass an economic agreement that it said could “endanger” the Northern Ireland peace agreement. A source told Euronews: “The UK is trying to create chaos in order to get a better offer than if they played ball.

But they shouldn`t be circling Northern Ireland to do tactics.┬áBy opening a new chapter in Britain-EU relations, abandoning the terms of a treaty negotiated with these institutions, Mr Johnson is opening a new chapter in Britain-EU relations. It dissolves the pragmatic tradition of foreign policy in an acid bath of Europhobic paranoia. The Prime Minister justifies the rejection clauses of the law by the fact that Brussels threatens the “territorial integrity” of the United Kingdom. It raises the prospect of a “blockade” – the vengeful obstruction of agricultural goods flowing from the rest of Britain to Northern Ireland. It is too twisted by the unit to work even as a caricature of the facts. The just indignation that the goods do not reach Northern Ireland from the rest of Britain is a affection; Johnson`s polemical engines that emit clouds of hypocrisy to confuse problems. The withdrawal agreement includes a dispute resolution mechanism on trade barriers, but the Prime Minister clearly does not intend to submit to that authority. The friction at the border is directly related to the UK government`s refusal to implement the agreement. In the style of the little smugglers over the centuries, Johnson offers protection against a threat that he himself is running. Since about 2005, the border has been considered invisible, with little or no physical infrastructure, security barriers and checkpoi

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