Software License Agreement Ppt

86 Other Specific Issues Implicit Licenses Competition Interface Competition Policy Interface – International Variability Moral Rights – © Civil Code vs. Common Law (counterpart, etc.) Patent `trolls` 1 Software License Agreements Date: 2008- 1월 8일 ActsOne software license agreement grants licensees to the licensee for the use of BlueOne Components. THE SOFTWARE LICENSE IS NOT FOR SALE, ONLY GRANTS THE RIGHTS TO USE. 1. License Grant ActsOne licenses licensees, as stipulated in this agreement. The licensee of the company and the organization can install and use the product as much as authorized by the licensing agreement. The installation and use must not exceed the number permitted by this Agreement. The product should not be installed and used on the PC that is not suitable for general use or is not used by a specific company/organization. The licensee for personal use can install and use the product as much as is authorized by the licensing agreement. The installation and use must not exceed the number permitted by this Agreement.

Product cannot be installed and used for the computer in the company/organization that is not for personal use. 2. Intellectual Property Rights ActsOne grants non-exclusive use, not property law. All accessible content of the product is ActsOne`s intellectual property and ActsOne`s property. The software is copyrighted. 3. Type of developer license: license of any engineer involved in the development of the site. THE LICENSE SHALL NOT BE FOR ENGINEERS, BUT ONLY FOR THE SITE. If z.B. there is a site development with three engineers, ActsOne grants the site three licenses from each engineer and the license is only valid for the authorized development of the site. License: License to make available to other customers after product creation with BlueOne Components. ActsOne grants the licenses to each end user.

If z.B. a product created with BlueOne Components must be made available on two sites, the development licensee must acquire two licenses to make it available. Site License: License for business development. The site license does not limit the number of engineers involved in the authorized development of the site. The license is only valid for authorized page development. 4. Information Please contact ActsOne co. to get information on this agreement. C E O Kim Tae Shick IGrafx – Terms and Conditions of Use.

Testing software licenses For testing purposes only Training is not based on test software. 43 Reflection How much is the license worth? “Small Non-Exclusive Territory – Large Area Narrow Field “Broad Field” “Use” – “Exploit” Technology – Technological Convenience Breakthrough 84 Best Practices to Avoid LitigationCo-owners Should Make Their Own Marketing Agreement 40 Licensing Grant What can the licensee do? Territory: Use licensed trademarks to promote products in Canada and the U.S., for sale and distribution: Use licensed patents to develop a therapeutic product for the treatment of diabetes sublicensing: modify the source code of licensed software to create the built-in software and sublicensing the object code of the software built into the end user 83 Co-owner can cede a total interest to a third party`s patent without consent or billing.

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