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17 Overpayment of Wages (4) When a guardian is paid for work that was not performed later or by other overpaid means, the employer has the right to follow the tutor`s subsequent wages or salaries. Exceptional payments (5) Subject to sub-paragraphs (7) and (8), exceptional additional payments may be recovered by the employer during the pay period immediately after the pay period during which the overpayment was made or during the period during which an overpayment was found immediately after the pay period. Cumulative payments (6) Subject to paragraphs (7) and (8), additional cumulative payments may be recovered from the employer at an agreed rate between the employer and the guardian, provided that the rate at which the overpayment is claimed is not less than the rate at which it was overpaid, or $50 per week, if the amount is equal to the pay period. 7. In exceptional cases, the employer and guardian may agree on other terms of recovery of additional payments. (8) The employer is required to inform the caregiver of his intention to recover an overpayment, to prove to the caregiver that an overpayment has occurred and to consult the guardian on the appropriate recovery rate. Underpayment of wages (9) If a guardian is underpaid in any way, the employer will correct the error as soon as possible taking into account paragraphs (10) and (11). (10) Notwithstanding the sub-clause (9), an error must be corrected no later than the salary immediately after the day the employer notices the error or is notified that the error has occurred. (11) Notwithstanding the provisions of the sub-clause (10), any sub-payment is made without delay to an employee by a special payment when underpayment of wages causes serious financial difficulties. Dismissal benefits (12) In the event of termination, the employer pays the guardian all funds earned or paid by the guardian as soon as possible through the normal pay settlement system. Provided the employment is terminated without notice under this clause, the employer pays all funds earned or paid by the guardian as soon as possible; All outstanding debts or overpayments incurred by the guardian can be recovered from the last payment to the guardian at the end of the execution; Funds earned by the tutor or to be paid to the guardian can be transferred by mutual agreement to the account of the person in charge (s) by electronic transfer. 27. TIME AND WAGES RECORD Records relating to the employment of employer health care workers are retained and maintained in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009 and related rules.

28. WORK POSTE (1) The burden of normal wage rates is 15% for a caregiver who works an afternoon shift from 12 p.m. at the earliest and ends after 6 p.m. on weekdays. Page 17 of 55 7 (i) hours (16) ii) annual leave (paragraph 34) iii) Parental Leave (point 38) iv) Flexible work options (point 46) the plan meets the real needs of the employer and guardian with respect to 1 or more of the points mentioned in paragraph; and the agreement is actually agreed by the employer and guardian. (2) The employer ensures that the conditions of individual flexibility are applicable: (d) to questions authorized under the Fair Work Act 2009; and are not illegal provisions under the s194 of the Fair Work Act 2009; Ensure that, on the whole, the tutor is better than the tutor if no agreement is reached; and must be documented in such a way as to allow for an audit under the Fair Work Act S482 (3) where the employer wishes to obtain such an agreement with a guardian, the guardian is notified of his or her right and has an appropriate opportunity to contact the Union or another representative and seek representation.

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