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These conditions were originally written in English (US). We can translate these terms into other languages, and if there is a conflict between a translated version of these terms and the English version, the English version will have control. Now that you know how to make a service agreement form on your WordPress site, make sure you create a page that clearly defines your terms, terms and conditions. Use it to protect your business (and yourself) and give your customers and partners everything they need to have a healthy and positive relationship with you. On our website, we may provide brief summaries of the terms and conditions in this contract. Such summaries are provided only at your convenience, are not legally binding and do not change this agreement in any way. The next step is to add a form to the page to collect digital signatures. This way, you don`t need to send a blank contract and get a signed contract. By completing the form, your clients and partners confirm that they have read the conditions. PLUGIN ALLIANCE, LLC (“PLUGIN ALLIANCE” or “us”) provides the PLUGIN ALLIANCE website service, which allows you to acquire and/or access licensed content and/or applications as end-users (“you” or “user”), as well as other downloadable software and content such as below. Please read the terms and conditions below (“Conditions of Use”) carefully.

These terms of use and the PLUGIN ALLIANCE privacy policy, which is included as a reference, govern the access and use of the PLUGIN ALLIANCE service. WooCommerce Services includes WooCommerce, WooCommerce Payments, WooCommerce Shipping, MailPoet and all products or services purchased by WooCommerce.com. Save the page as a project as soon as your service contract is concluded. While using the services, you can enable, use or purchase services, products, software, integrations or applications (such as themes, extensions, plugins or blocks) developed by third parties or by yourself (“Third-party services”). Where do you get your service contract content? Ideally, you want a lawyer to gather this information for you to ensure that you are protected from your clients and the law. You can write your own agreement, but you may be putting something up in the air or implementing a policy that makes you vulnerable to prosecution. Installing the plugin is simple. Simply follow these steps: Since the purpose of the refund policy is to give you the ability to ensure that our plugins meet your needs, license upgrades are non-refundable. Let`s see how you can easily demand terms of the service agreement in WordPress. And if you`re looking for a way to capture the signatures of site visitors, read this helpful article on how to create a service contract in WordPress with digital signatures. Do you want to add a terms of use service contract to your WordPress forms? Giving people the ability to accept your legal terms of use is the best way to protect themselves without sacrificing the user experience.

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