Time Brokerage Agreement

A Local Marketing Agreement (LMA), also known as the Time Brokerage Agreement (TBA), is the sale of discrete time blocks by a licensee to a “broker” who provides spotanks programming and commercial announcements to fill that time. The charge must be taken into account when setting the purchase price of the station. Under the local marketing agreement (“LMA”), also known as the Time Brokerage Agreement, the buyer buys the wholesale airtime of the target station until the conclusion. The purchase price is increased or reduced to the extent necessary to cover the costs, with the exception of the costs for which the buyer is required to compensate the seller under the Time Brokerage Agreement, which does not require regularization. We will fill this gap by providing tailored advice to individuals or businesses considering filling an LMA. In the event of an incident that prevented the normal and usual transmission of the Station`s signal for a continuous period of seven days, unless such a service interruption is entirely or partially due to the purchaser`s actions under the time brokerage contract. While LMAs have been around since the mid-1990s, we do not know the FCC`s decisions or the articles that focus on the role of the broker. Prior to closure, the purchaser may not control, monitor, direct, or attempt to control, monitor or manage the operation of the station, directly or indirectly; these transactions, including full control and control of all programs, employees and directives, are the seller`s sole responsibility until they close; provided, however, that the buyer has the rights and obligations of law and liability provided for by the time brokerage agreement. The real-time brokerage agreement is fully in force and effective and the purchaser has complied with all essential compliance with its obligations under this agreement.

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