Ontario Land Lease Agreements

Lease Payment Guarantee – Registering an unpaid portion of the rental payment with ServiceOntario under the Personal Property Security Registration helps protect a landowner`s interests as a creditor in the event of non-payment by a tenant. Landowners can register online or by phone with ServiceOntario. Examples of substantial improvements that go beyond the duration or termination of the tenancy agreement are: (6) Before a mobile home is returned to a tenant who claims it during the 60 days covered by the subsection (3) or the six months mentioned in the subsection (5), the lessor may require the landlord to be asked to do so. , for rental arrears and reasonable costs incurred by the landlord with respect to the mobile home. not applicable. 2006, about 17, 162 (6). Taxing requirement for Agricorp – The owner and tenant must notify Agricorp of any plant-sharing agreement. The agricultural landowners tax class program allows eligible farm property to be taxed at 25% of the municipal tax rate for residential and farm farms. The economic residence and 1 hectare of land surrounding it are taxed as part of the residential class. (2) Until a landlord has complied with clause (1) a) or (b), the tenant is required to withhold 25% of the rent (rent or share of the crop) and submit it to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). If the tenant does not transfer the 25% withholding tax, the rating agency will attempt to recover the owner`s tax. If the lessor does not pay this tax, the tenant is responsible for the payment. Rent payable – The amount of rent as calculated and when it is to be paid.

In the case of a tree report or where the tenant has access to facilities, payment and use of pension services should also be defined. As a general rule, tenants need written permission from the landlord before making major improvements. It is also important to outline how the value of the improvements will be determined and when compensation will be paid. An example of some form of compensation to the tenant for improvement is that the lessor exploits the tenant free of charge for a given period of time that must be agreed between the parties (in writing) at the time of the landowner`s agreement. An annual audit and agreement on necessary repairs and improvements could also be included here.

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