Telus Premium Plus Plan – 2 Year Agreement

TELUS today introduced its new Premium Plus today, in what the company says, allows customers to buy the latest smartphones for less in advance, but at the cost of paying more per month for their plan. Telus` new Family Discount program offers savings for those with multiple lines. In the previous example of two customers receiving the 75GB plan for 10GB, Telus offers $5 per line for both lines. In other words, both users would pay $70 per month. So if you had 4 people to sign up for the $75 10GB Simple Share plan, each person would pay $60 a month, and the group would have 40GB of data to share. Each device user in a Simple Share plan contains shared data that is automatically shared for all account users who have a shared data plan. This includes each user with a simple share, your choice or a Shareplus plan. But $350 is still a lot of money to spend if you sign up for an expensive plan, so Telus decided to classify the customer option at an extra $10 a month to this two-year plan, in order to further reduce the costs in advance – in this case to $100. “We are launching six new tariff plans, and this will be our new suite of tariff plans,” Senko said. Yes – by separating the cost of the device from your pricing plans, TELUS makes it easy for customers to choose phone plans that meet their needs by simply selecting a quantity of data. If a participant finds that their current data needs are not covered by their plan, they can at any time assess the plan changes in another “peace of mind” or “Simple Share Plan” up to once per monthly billing cycle.

TELUS limits the number of plan changes on a monthly basis to avoid billing problems. The new mobile phone plans are RESERED to your service with TELUS, and there will be an extra charge if you need a device. We have separated the cost of your device from your plan, so it is transparent in what you pay. Prior to this change, the device`s load was incorporated into your fare plan. Tariff plans were more expensive, so they can cover actual monthly equipment costs. By separating costs, it is much clearer. In addition, Telus is launching three “Simple Share” plans that match the Peace of Mind plans at $75 for 10GB, 95 for 20GB and $125 for 50GB. The difference: Simple action plans have overruns (10 USD per 100MB), but you can share them. So if two customers get the simple 75 10GB unlock, they have a 20GB pool between them. For example, if a plan offers 20GB of high-speed data, once you`ve passed 20GB, you`ll notice slower speeds. However, you can continue to use your infinite data without having to worry about data limits or overruns. The introduction includes three new programs: “Telus Easy Payment” device financing, “Peace of Mind” and “Simple Share” pricing plans and the Telus family discount.

Peace of Mind-Plans allow you to use as much data as you like while you`re in Canada and will never become overloaded with data. After the high-speed threshold of your plan, TELUS reduces the maximum speed for the rest of your billing cycle to a maximum of 512 Kbps. This means that you will continue to be able to browse the Internet and use emails, but the quality of the video will be reduced and other high-bandwidth applications will take longer to load. For more information, see TELUS` fair dealing policy at

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