Third Party Manufacturing Agreement Format

Once you have entered into preliminary discussions with the manufacturer, you should sign this agreement, and then you are protected to provide them with the intellectual property (i.e. designs) that the manufacturer needs to provide you with specific costs for the manufacture of the product. This document is different from a sales contract, in that the parties only conclude the sale of goods (which may be any commodity) and not specifically the manufacture of special goods for the purchaser. This is also different from a sales contract, where a supplier of goods resells them to another party, the distributor, or distributes them to other retail sites, so that they can be resold. 1) Definitions 2. Interpretation 3. Date 4. New products 5. Intellectual property 6. Confidential information 7.

Manufacturer`s obligations 8. Product errors and general responsibility 9. Price, order and payment 10. Product delivery 11. Termination 12. Relationship 13. Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction 14. Variation – Waiver 15. Communications 16. Full agreement 17. Force majeure 18.

Severability 19. counter-parts 20. No third-party beneficiaries 21. Legal Notice This manufacturing contract, if you hire a company to produce a product for you, it covers the entire process of citations up to the manufacture of future products. This manufacturing agreement model is used when an entity instructs another company to manufacture a product in its name according to certain specifications. This model can be used in several countries if the manufacturing process takes place abroad. This manufacturing agreement can be used for a buyer who wishes to make a single purchase of goods from a supplier, as well as for a buyer who wishes to place a first order and who, since then, wishes to be the beginning of several orders with the same supplier. This model of manufacturing agreements contains the following provisions: Although this document has been drafted in such a way as to be used in several countries, LawLive recommends that you seek legal advice on its suitability for each country in which it is to operate. Once this price is agreed, you can then have a prototype built by the manufacturer (optional through the construction process), once that prototype is approved, they can then start the manufacturing process.

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