With An Agreement To Pay Later

Amazon Pay Later currently offers EMI plans for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. In addition, the customer can also pay later the following month. The corresponding plans for your purchase are displayed on the payment page during the checkout. If you are aware of claims or infringements of intellectual property rights, you will immediately notify Pay It Later and decide at your discretion to defend or prosecute any intellectual property-related acts. With respect to all procedures or claims for the protection or defence of intellectual property, they are, if required by Pay It Later, provide all support if necessary, provide evidence and as a party in a court proceeding. There are no administrative fees for prepayment of your loan after expiry, but your settlement number includes up to 58 days of interest. This is in accordance with the Consumer Credit (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004. Once you have been accepted as a reseller with Pay It Later, you will receive a non-exclusive license to use Pay It Later`s marketing materials to encourage the use of the service for your buyers in accordance with brand policies. As with fees and interest, the exact effect on your credit rating depends on the payment method you choose. Before using the site, you should read carefully and with all the appropriate terms and conditions and agreements and make sure that you understand ALL the terms and conditions. If you do NOT agree with ALL terms and conditions, you cannot use the site or services. If Pay It Later has informed you that all or part of the intellectual property contains confidential information, you will not disclose this confidential information to a person during this agreement or after their termination or expiry without the express written consent of Pay It Later.

If you have not requested payment leave from your supplier, your contract should continue as normal. The information we have collected in the application form is personal data that we use in accordance with our privacy policy on our website and that you declare binding on you. The idea of having purchases delivered now, for which you only have to pay later, may seem attractive, but the cost of interest can be high, and it is easy to fall into a trap, to rely on debt to make future purchases. We will try to contact you to talk about your account. If this continues, we can sell your debts to a bond company, or you will have to take legal action. Contact us if you are worried about keeping up with your payments. All payments made under this agreement must be made in payment credits. We have partnered with Capital Float/IDFC FIRST Bank to provide the Amazon Pay Later mechanism.

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