Glg Service Agreement

When consumers copy the software to their own computer, copyright laws require a software license agreement, as they legally need a license to legally create their own copy of the software. Here, SaaS applications are unique, because instead of providing the user with a copy of the software for installation, the provider gives the user access to its service via the Internet. Since no software can be copied when using SaaS applications, no software license agreement is required. GLG does not warrant the products or services provided by GLG or the products or services covered by GLG on the GLG websites, but provided by a supplier independent of GLG. GLG does not guarantee the ads shown in its publications. The views expressed by contributors at GLG events or in GLG publications are their own. GLG provides the entity or entities listed in these schedule(s) with the services referred to in either schedule, in accordance with the conditions set out below, and with that schedule(s). All services that GLG makes available to you under this Agreement (at GLG`s sole discretion) in the absence of a schedule are for your exclusive use, under the conditions set out below, unless otherwise agreed. To the extent that you are aware of any such restrictions or obligations, you agree to abide by them in your interactions with Board members. You confirm that you may not use the Services in an inconsiderate or reckless manner to gain access to Board members who are employed by a company that is reasonably employed as a direct competitor of you or, as the case may be, any of your business entities, actively managed portfolio companies, affiliates or subsidiaries or the client for whom you trade, and you will refuse any discussion with such an advisor…

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